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About Me

I was just five years old when my grandfather started teaching me simple Yoga stretches and breath meditation. At ten years old he began to teach me the art of:


• Self-observation

• Self-reflection

• Self-correction and letting go of that which has been.


This teaching took place in India, and I practiced with him until I was 17 years old. Shortly afterwards I came to England to study. I have been living in Britain permanently since I was 18 years old and I have always maintained and developed my personal practice of Yoga and Self-reflection. The more I practise self-reflection, the more reflective I become and the more reflctive I become; the more I rethink about my thinking; think before you leap explains it all.  



Future Intentions

I would like to establish my own Yoga Centre and it would be called the ‘Yoga Centre for Higher Awareness.’ This centre will be open to everyone, able-bodied and those with disabilities.


I would also like to attract and teach more young parents. When growing up all children need affection. Those who grow up in an atmosphere of human affection have a much more positive and gentle development of their bodies, minds and behaviour, as I observe in my own two children.


Children who have grown up lacking that affection usually have a more negative attitude to life and low self esteem which may develop into drug abuse and criminal activity. Although attempts are made to discipline badly behaved children by the police and judiciary systems, and parents may be fined, I believe in the empathetic teaching of young parents who will, in turn, raise their children with love and affection, resulting in a better world for everyone to live in.

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