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About the breath

The breath is the central technique by which the stressful mind is relaxed and composed. Suppose your mind is agitated to some degree, because someone has ignored you or you are confronted with difficult circumstances. In times like this slow and calm rhythmic breathing can be a natural tranquillizer for your agitated mind.


Sit in a chair, ensure that your head, neck and back straight. The whole body from the inside is fully relaxed. Now you are ready to inhale, inhale for 3 counts and then immediately exhale for 3 counts, immediately after the exhalation is complete, do not breathe in, instead hold the exhalation for 6 counts. This is one complete cycle of slow and calm rhythmic breathing. Carry on with this breathing exercise at least for 5 minutes. Record your experience of it. Kindly send your feed back to: [email protected] about how you felt after your 5 minutes of your controlled breath practice.    


And also, if you are experiencing any one of these symptoms like anxiety, confusion, panic attacks, depression, insomnia or addiction to coffee,sugar, alcohol etc. Then you need to increase your brain's carbon dioxide (CO2) levels with Alternate Nostril Breathing technique. This breathing ratio 4 : 4 : 4 : 4 when practised for 10 minutes at a time for three times a day will optimize your CO2. Optimized CO2 will raise your brain's oxygen (O2). Increased level of oxygen in your brain will make you feel physically relaxed, mentally calm and emotionally balanced. Being emotionally balanced leads to a dramatic improvement in your mental and emotional wellbeing.


Now click on the Alternate Nostril Breathing technique. Read it until you have fully understood the method of practise and then practise it for 10 minutes to see how different you feel now: physically, mentally and emotionally after having done it for 10 minutes. Kindly send your feed back to: [email protected] about how you felt after your 10 minutes of controlled breath practice.  


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