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About the mind (Part 1)

No one can make you feel good or bad but yourself and therefore be aware of what you are thinking , believing and feeling. The words of others should not hurt you except through your own thoughts and mental participation. Remember this, you alone think, you alone decide and you alone create your own feelings (whether good or bad). Take the full responsibilty for your own thoughts, feelings and actions. Don't blame others for the way you feel. Stop and reflect before you utter a word to the other person.


Your feelings are directly linked to the way you think and therefore it’s up to you what you think. The thought that you think has a fair or unfair consequence, be aware of this fact. One second of stupidity can result in a lifetime regret. Think intelligently, be proactive, be self-aware. Don't mess up your feelings or your relationship. Think before you leap: "Stop and reflect".


Do your best to think rationally in all situations and try to bring out the best feelings in you so that you can interact with others kkindly and compassionately. If you succeed, that would be wonderful. If you don't succeed, don't give up trying until you can attain a compassionate mind. The world is crying out for compassionate minds.


You can change your mind in seconds, but you cannot change your brain in seconds, your brain takes months to change, for example: Learning to drive a car takes time.


Similarly, you need patience, perseverance and time, to cultivate Body-awareness, Breath-awareness, Thought-awareness, Emotional-awareness and Self-awareness for less stressful life.


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