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Alternate Nostril Breathing with Control Pause

In any health problem, prime consideration must be given to breathing. Because breath is the root of our existence. Our life begins with the first breath and ends with the last breath. Breath is the link between mind and body. Breath unites the mind and body. Breath is the sustainer of all living things. No breath, no fire; no fire, no life. Breathe less and be happy.


Practise the first step, which is breathing exercise, the breathing should be neither long or short, but normal; strain-less breathing. When you practise your breathing, make sure that every time you breathe in, you consciously-feel your belly moving outwardly and every time you breathe out, you consciously-feel your belly moving inwardly. The belly movement is always strain-less. After adequate practice, the breathing becomes gradually improved, smoother, lighter and more gentle. At this stage, mental serenity, calmness and composure of the mind will be achieved.


Keep this in mind: While abdominal breathing relaxes your mind and body. It does not change any underlying problems, instead it gives calmness of mind to look further into yourself and to deal more effectively with your mental and emotional problems that you may currently have. Abdominal breathing is the first step to calm the stressful or angry mind.


If you are experiencing any one of these symptoms like: anxiety, confusion, panic attacks, depression, insomnia or addiction to coffee,sugar, alcohol etc. Then you need to increase your brain's carbon dioxide (CO2)  levels with Alternate Nostril Breathing with a ratio of 4:2 : 4:2, this Alternate Nostril Breathing ratio will optimize your CO2 and optimized CO2 will raise your brain's oxygen (O2) leading to a dramatic improvement in your mental wellbeing.


In order to improve the release of oxygen by the red blood cells, we require more carbon dioxide in the cells and the whole body. Read more Ref. Advanced Buteyko BREATHING EXERCISES By Artour Rakhimov  ISBN 09781490590776


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