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Be aware of stress

It is becoming more and more difficult to achieve quite ordinary things like travelling to work, getting the shopping, driving the car, using a bus or train, getting repairs done - the list is endless - without becoming unwillingly involved in a nightmarish web of hassles everyday of our lives. These completely nonproductive conflicts give rise to high levels of tension. Unless we are prepared to transform them into calmness, clarity, vitality and harmony, there is no outlet (losing your temper is not the way because it makes you hellish, it poisons you more) and they are very potent progenitors of stress.


Some form of action must be taken to diffuse the arising tension. If you don't take an immediate action, then it will build up like steam in a kettle, until the lid blows off. This may result something as serious as coronary heart disease, stroke or other stress related illnesses. Look for an alternative area of satisfaction. Satisfying your tensions and strains without conflict or restraint gives you a sense of security, emotional happiness and contentment, and not stress.


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