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Being in control

The development of mind & body control through:


Body control - it is said. "Only physical movements are not helpful, nor concentration alone is successful." He who knows how to practise physical control in combination with concentration alone is successful. Body should be purified, vitalized and well controlled by Yoga Postures. The body should be trained with postures, which play an important role in making the body purer, healthy, youthful, efficient and long lived, and also that a concentration posture is absolutely necessary for the practice of Breath Control.


Breath Control - prepares the mind for higher concentration. Without concentration, self-awareness is not attainable. Breath controls - achieved through a process of the regulation of breath with full consciousness. The importance of the control of the breath and the mind for the development of super concentration, is to learn to control the breath and the mind to accomplish superconcentration. The control of mind is related to the control |of respiration. Breath control, practised regularly, develops intelligence and 'the power of concentration.


A healthy mind - is one that copes with stress, overrides boredom, frustration or despair and achieves that elusive quality-happiness.  The key to happiness is you.  If you want to be happy, think intelligently.


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