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Maintain inner peace

The effective benefits of breathing slowly and steadily with focused awareness


Breathing steadily upward and into your nasal nerve endings with focused awareness (FA) prepares your nervous system to act with moderate arousal rather than over-arousal. Over-arousal is a most distressing experience for the body. Breathing steadily and with optimal awareness lowers your heart beat A lower heart beat, incidentally, is regarded as a good thing, indicating that the muscles, including the heart per se, is working more efficiently. An improved heart beat in this instance being due most probably to the more efficient use of adrenaline and nor-adrenaline- This is brought about by deliberately breathing steadily with optimal awareness. Don't waste these precious hormones of your body through over reacting and you also lose more adrenaline if you don't have a proper good night sleep. Correct your sleeping habits. When you are being reactive, immediately face it and transform it into positive focus. This helps you reduce cardio-vascular stress which means cleaner coronary arteries and a stronger healthier heart (but only as long as you use the positive focus approach).


In addition to breathing you need other things in order to create and maintain a healthy heart. Eating a balance diet, the avoidance of unhealthy food and drinks. Also keeping an eye on your cholesterol level within safe limits, and most importantly keep training your mind with calmness and focused awareness this should provide you with a life long healthy heart and circulatory system. Cardio-vascular diseases are now amongst the leading causes of serious illness and premature death in the Western World. This can be avoided with the skill of calmness and diet.


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