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Mastery of mind Part 1

Knowing, Understanding and Letting Go


Yoga is a systematic approach through which we can improve our physical and mental health. Amongst other benefits, it teaches us that by becoming aware of our breathing and focusing on it, we can gain control of our emotions and learn what they are telling us and by doing so, also improve our physical health.


Emotional (and physical) health, however, depend also on the rational use of our brains. In other words, whether we are angry, depressed, calm, happy, etc., depends (given that we are all basically healthy) mostly on how we use our brain rather than on our particular circumstances. If we are thinking rationally, we can enjoy calm states of mind, or more easily achieve them if our thinking is rational.


You alone decide what you are going to think, and therefore how you will feel about the various situations and people you encounter. Thinking rationally depends on, amongst other things, the techniques of "Knowing, Understanding and Letting 60" plus "Breath of Focus (relaxed awareness of our breath.)" You will learn these and various other relevant techniques on the course, and by applying them in your everyday life you will learn to create energy, calmness and relaxation for yourself, i.e. optimum physical and mental health.


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