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Mastery of mind Part 2

Knowing, Understanding and Letting Go (continued)


Controlled breathing, for example, calms the brain and improves our ability to think rationally. If we fail to control our breathing, our brain becomes over excited and fails to use the information available to it effectively. As a result we create emotional upset for ourselves and also tend to behave in an inappropriate way (i.e. in a way which is not in our best interests and which others may find unpleasant.)


Knowing, Understanding and Letting Go plus Breath Awareness are - not really techniques but rather skills that you can inwardly develop through learning and then persistently practising until they become habitual ways of responding to the various incidents you encounter in daily life. However, please don't just take my word for it but come along to the course so that you can EXPERIENCE these benefits for yourself. It is only through DIRECT EXPERIENCE (under experienced tutors) that this can be attained.


I am not going to give any fixed rules or methods which will absolutely guarantee that you can live a problem-free life, because there are NO SUCH RULES, only skills such as you will learn on the course. Once you learn these and begin to persistently apply them you will find that you can reduce or overcome problems, or at the very least, cope with them with minimum upset.


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