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Relax your mind

Our automatic way of breathing, although sufficient to keep us alive, does, however, deprive us of the many benefits which a more conscious and deliberate use of breathing would afford us the following benefits:


  • Slowness in your breath creates calmness.

  • Deepness in your breath generates mental clarity and energy.

  • Rhythm in your breath creates harmony in yourself.

  • Diaphragmatic breathing stimulates the parasympathetic nerve (part of the Autonomic Nervous System) which, upon being stimulated, induces deep relaxation into your physical organs and muscles.


  • Breathing upward into your nasal nerve endings stimulates a pair of olfactory bulb nerves, which are connected to the emotional brain. This pair of olfactory nerves, when stimulated, generates quietness and calmness in your emotional mind. This empowers you with greater emotional and self control.


While this breathing technique can relax both your mind and body, it does not change any underlying problems.  Instead it gives calmness of mind to look further into yourself and to deal more effectively with the current problem.


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