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Simplify your life

Whether you are a believer or a non-believer, you can practise Yoga successfully.  It is not an ideology or a therapy, or a counselling session or religion.  It does not demand or presuppose adherence to any specific philosophy, church or faith.  It may be looked at as no more than a mind and body discipline, which is unique of its kind, and unparalleled in its beneficial effects.  It is essentially a combination of physical and psychological techniques and for it to be effective, you should make it a part of your life, and practise it daily.


Yoga is capable of restoring and ensuring normal health for you It is the best preventative system, and is also very beneficial for attaining longevity.  Psychological exercises will lead you to self-realisation and assist you to achieve and maintain calmness and clarity of mind, through self-observation, self-examination and letting go.  With them, your mind becomes tremendously alive, and yet at the same time, serene and tranquil. This enables you to act appropriately rather than inappropriately.  You will then discover through experience the best practical way to achieve peak condition in body, mind and spirit.


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