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The essentials for good health

For maintaining good health, happiness and longevity...

Yoga postures: Postures make the body healthy, whole and vibrant.

Breathing: Breathing with awareness calms the mind, soothes the nervous system and besides it purifies the blood.

Positive focus: Focusing on the positive can help us to recognise and change unreasonable attitudes, false beliefs and expectations.

Focused awareness: The act of focused awareness creates stillness in our mind /emotions and relaxation in our body.

Reflection: Stopping to reflect is a technique of mirroring our own thoughts (good or bad). The ways we think, act and feel as we interact with the stimulus. As William Shakespeare put it, many years ago, ”There exist nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so”.


Meditation: Observing silence. It is a key for Brain longevity. Meditation alone is insufficient, it needs to be Supplemented with diet and exercise. The use of meditation for a specific PHYSIOLOGICAL Purpose (i.e. cortisole reduction) is a key for our brain logerity and also reduction of blood pressure, heart rate and immune system function. An overproduction of cortisole can have potentially devastating effects on our health. Chronic stress produces too much cortisole in our body. BE AWARE!


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